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Here at Great American Tax Remedy, we specialize in guiding and empowering you to apply well-hidden laws so that you are in control of your destiny. If you are not clear which remedy is best for you, please fill out this form & watch a short video to see which program you qualify for: Click Here

Lawful Money Redemption

This remedy originated in 1933 when the gold held by private citizens, (bullion, coins, and gold certificates) was required to be turned in/exchanged for federal reserve notes that would no longer be backed by gold. This inequitable trade forced Congress to provide a remedy. They have kept that remedy well hidden!! The federal reserve notes can be exchanged/redeemed for lawful money (but not in gold or silver), the money that Congress is authorized to issue per the US constitution. That other lawful money is currently known as United States Notes--see Title 31 USC subsection 5115 which states that these US Notes are NOT a reserve currency (therefore are not subject to the income tax as federal reserve notes are). This remedy yields a refund of withholdings and/or quarterly estimated tax payments. Or, it removes the tax liability for 1099 or business owners, except for the self-employment taxes of Social Security and Medicare. It also reduces the national debt by approximately 10-20 times one's annual income--a win-win for the individual and the government. The attached eBook provides an overview of this remedy.

Revocation of Election

This remedy is ideal for non-employees, business owners (that may pay themselves a W-2 salary), 1099 earners, retirees, and those with capital gains. The origin of this remedy lies with the 16th Amendment, which, in very cloaked language, acknowledges that the income tax did not apply to the private sector, only to the federal zone. Most people have been tricked into the status of ‘taxpayer’ who otherwise would have no duty to file tax returns and pay the income tax. This remedy changes the filer's income tax status within the IRS from “taxpayer” to legal non-taxpayer (for form 1040 only) which results in the ROE filer/client having no further liability for filing the 1040 tax return for the current year and all years beyond. IRS has not challenged these filings--they know at the highest levels of the IRS that the tax system is voluntary for most people. Because 3.4 TRILLION dollars are collected each year, this remedy has also been very well hidden. For more info, please request the ROE Introduction Package.


About the Founder

Kelly Alexander

Seeking answers to complex questions, Kelly Alexander has been intent on finding meaningful alternative solutions to the challenges of modern-day life. Settling for the ‘this is what we’ve always been taught’ status quo is unacceptable from her perspective, especially now in a world of controlled media, false flags, massive corruption, re-written history, censorship, and propaganda. From a diagnosis of an ‘incurable’ disease at the age of 19—that she healed 48 hours after a relapse, to uncovering the real intent of our Founding Fathers when it comes to taxation, Kelly has discovered real answers… and loves to share. This is her calling, to share as much truth and light as possible with those that are ready to receive it! After more than a decade of research and practical application, Kelly is a leading expert in this field, helping people from many walks of life discover options they never knew they had. Once armed with the secrets Kelly has uncovered, ‘We the People’ can legally and ethically liberate ourselves from federal income taxes AND help lower the national debt! The secret is buried in powerful, little-known banking laws. Income taxation is directly connected to the international banking system…. follow the money folks and you can awaken to the system of control that has been in place for centuries. When Kelly isn’t educating clients or researching more solutions, she’s enjoying the natural world, hiking, practicing yoga, and creating a simple, wholesome life with her family and close friends.

with Kelly Alexander

Our Mission is to liberate America's taxpayers from federal and state income taxes through powerful, little known banking laws that empower and free individuals while helping lower America's national debt simultaneously! Liberating yourself from the current tax system is possible; we can help you do just that!

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